About HalfBoiled

Do not be fooled by the pretty pensiveness exuded here; I’m quite the crazy one.

After living in Dubai for thirty years, I moved back to India in July 2017. The decision was an outcome of several factors – the desire to discover permanence, possess citizen rights and enable our daughter to experience a relatively non-sanitized way of life.

‘Half Boiled Indian’ is the product of a personal identity crisis stemming from emigrating back to the country after living as an expatriate in the Gulf for three decades. With these freshly tinted tri-colored lens, I am learning the depth of my ignorance and working to connect with a country that is vastly different from my memories.

It is an experiential journey that is still not fully mapped. I’m hoping to find answers through the power of stories, community and a questioning mind.

Other fun facts about me; Sangeetha, writer, mother, tea-lover, dog-lover, notebook collector, possessor of world’s worst hand-writing, hoarder of all things nostalgic.